Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Feel the Love...Not

This gem has been doing the rounds over the last day or so.

Let's be fair. These young charmers aren't capable of being representative of anything - not themselves, not their families, not the Jewish people - but even so, it does make for rather embarrassing, if not uncomfortable viewing.

On the other hand, one can't get anything insightful from interviewing a bunch of tired and emotional young adults. To present this as the word on the street isn't really fair, for all sorts of reasons.

(Perhaps I shouldn't post this at all. But it is the public domain, so...and I couldn't stop laughing at the fellow who calls Obama a faggot before suggests going to the White House to teabag him. A bit of a logical disconnect, perhaps?)

Video courtesy of the http://ibnezra.wordpress.com blog.


Adam E. said...

From a religious perspective, this video is a massive example of "lashon hara", and the real culprits here are those presumably (from their names, anyhow) Jewish film-makers who captured this immensely embarrassing video of their brothers and sisters being complete arseholes, and then proceeded to spread it around so that they could be ashamed in front of millions of internet users. To read more about lashon hara, go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lashon_hara

Goy said...

Yeah, the film-makers are both Jewish. My main problem with the tape is that (it seemed like) the film-makers picked some really soft targets and made something out of it. I may be being unfair - and, of course, the young 'uns need to take responsibility for being so dumb as to vent out so ridiculously on the record - but it did seem a bit like shooting fish in a barrel.

As for Lashon Hara? Thanks for the link. I do believe that we should be our brother's keeper. When we can.

דניאל said...

One thing they are certainly not representative of is Israel or Israelis. Notice how the "poli sci major" didn't even know who Netanyahu is. I doubt they speak much Hebrew or have much of a real Jewish or Zionist education.
If your blog were about being a goy among particularly idiotic teenage/college age American Jews in certain East Coast suburbs, I could see the relevance. At the moment, I don't.

Goy said...

Well, the blog is - is supposed to be - about the things I hear and see in Israel, good bad indifferent and ridiculous. Thus, the video. But I kinda see what you mean. Thanks