Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Sexist - or sexiest?

This is Bar Rafaeli

What can I tell you about her? She's Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend. She's from Hod HaSharon - which, I suppose, is as unlikely as Naomi Campbell coming outta Streatham. At the moment, she's probably Israel's most acceptable export.

She is also the star, it seems, of Israel's most sexist advert, courtesy of WIZO.

If, like me, you're a lazy reader, you may misread 'sexist' for 'sexiest'. If you are like me, you would then ignore the appalling syntax that the the use of 'sexiest' would entail and immediately plunge into youtube to locate this gem.

If, like Mrs Goy, you are a feminist firebrand, you'll still go into youtube, albeit just to tut loudly at the chauvinism of the advertisement.

I'm guessing that in any case, you'd want to see the ad. So, putting out of your misery, here it is:

Loose translation of the voiceover - The 'Bar' you'd always want at home: The Mi Eden 'Easy' - easy installation, easy service, easy preparation...(Mi Eden is the name of the campany in whose name this crap was prepared.)


PC and advertising do not necessarily go hand in hand in Israel (actually, PC and Israel, generally speaking, do not go hand in hand; but that's another matter altogether...). Consequently, one occasionally gets the outrageous yet undeniably witty creation, like this one for a cable network's HDTV

But more often than not, it's just sleazy crap that does nothing but repel the viewer from the product.

That said, the bigger question for me, is this: What's wrong with tap water?



MMM said...

Keep up the good work Mrs Goy.

thebookmistress said...

My husband drooled. Is that a good sign?

Goy said...

Probably not.