Saturday, 14 March 2009

A final word on "The Egg and The Wall"

...aka Mr Murakami's trip to Jerusalem.

From the website - Murakami slams Israel for treatment of Palestinians.

From ynet's report:

Murakami's visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum prompted him to come up with the following insight: "I think that the State of Israel suffers from some sort of trauma. The brain tells them that excessive self-defense is not good, but their body spontaneously responds to the slightest of provocations."

And the response of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

"The State of Israel is proud for having presented the Jerusalem Prize to Murakami and respects his right to express his opinions on current affairs. However, Israel regrets that the author, who is highly popular in Israel, preferred to adopt some inaccurate generalizations about the Middle East conflict, without knowing the facts. We would be happy if during his next visit in the country, the author would find the time to learn more about Israel and the reality in the Region."

Come on, I'm sure they pay Mark Regev and his mates enough to come up with something better than this...

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