Sunday, 25 January 2009

Who should I vote for?

No one, actually, since I don't have permanent residency and thus cannot vote in national elections.

Not that this matters. What passes for democracy in these parts is, frankly, fascinating, and I'll be paying more attention than is healthy to the electoral process here over the next couple of weeks.

A friend sent me this link this morning - I cannot recommend it too highly. Essentially, you answer a number of questions, and based on the political parties' public stances on the issues, it calculates whom you should vote for.

Apparently, I'm (or would be) Labour. Which was a bit of a shock. There I was, thinking that Israel Beiteinu was my natural home...

A couple of questions are loaded - for example, 'do you think child allowances should be reduced?', which takes on another meaning altogether if you are secular and/or anti-religious: anti Shas, in short.

But never mind. that's what democracy is all about - sometimes you get into bed with strange bedfellows.

Try it out. I strongly recommend it - you may get a surprise.

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