Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Diplomatic niceties

Zion Evrony, Israel's ambassador to Ireland isn't the most liked man in the Emerald Isles, it would seem.

Putting aside the passport theft business for a moment, he's faced other bits and pieces of local resistance recently. A month ago, a mini row was prompted by the decision of a local council to invite him to a local reception. The moving force appears to be Sinn Fein (just in case you're not up to speed with the politics in that part of the world, the political wing of the apparently defunct terrorist/militant/resistance [take your pick] organisation, the IRA), as this press release indicates.

Now, as reported on Ynet today, the Council have decided to remove Evrony's entry in the council's visitor's book. The Irish Foreign Minister, whilst noting his disapproval of Israeli policies in the territories, does make a useful point about the farrago:

"...However, it is a basic principle of relations between States that we treat each other's diplomatic representatives with civility and respect, regardless of any policy differences. To do otherwise would seriously undermine the ability of states to conduct international relations."

Elsewhere, a local Irish newspaper report likens the 'affair' to an episode out of Father Ted.

You haven't watched Father Ted? Poor you. Here's a clip from Ireland's best export, after Guinness.


Unfortunately, I can't embed this link. On the plus side, the whole episode - The Passion of St Tibulus - is available elsewhere.

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